Maryann P. DiEdwardo wins 2017 Drazek Award for Teaching from UMUC

Maryann DiEdwardo is the University of Maryland University College UMUC Stanley J. Drazek Teaching Excellence Award (Drazek award) winner 2017.
Maryann resides in the United States of America. She is a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University with a B.A. In Theatre Arts, Lehigh University with a M. A. In English, and California Coast University with a Doctor of Education. She teaches for UMUC and Lehigh University. She presents lectures on Metacognition in the United States and Canada. Her research interests include writing process theory, student directed learning, fine arts as a paradigm for teaching, and structured curriculum designs. At UMUC, she was a curriculum specialist for The Modern Novel and two classes: 281 and 386. She has been awarded with scholarship from Penn State University for her study in Theatre Arts. An accomplished writer, teacher, author, director, playwright, poet, and motivational speaker, Maryann also teaches research, rhetoric, literature, and active learning. Her fields of expertise include Theatre Art and Stage History, African American Literature, Romantic Period, Drama, Poetry, Fiction and Non-Fiction as well as Creative non-fiction. She also teaches with social media and prezi, YouTube, and other modalities to offer multi modal learning in her classes. She is an accomplished editor, contributor to journals, and designer of web based learning. She is a case study researcher as well. In 2004, statistical results of Dr. DiEdwardo’s case study research suggest that pairing music and linguistic intelligences in the college classroom improves students’ grades and abilities to compose theses statements for research papers in courses that emphasize reading and writing skills (DiEdwardo 2004). In her initial study in 2003, she refined Howard Gardner’s (1993) definition of music as a “separate intellectual competence” and compared music intelligence to linguistic intelligence. As Howard Gardner suggests, “Very worthwhile. The next step is to figure out why you got the effects that you did. Is music motivational? Does it activate other brain centers? Does it have some kind of intrinsic link to linguistic capacities? Would the effect work the other way around, or with other materials (2004 email)?”
Maryann DiEdwardo is an award winning Adjunct Professor. She has designed courses for UMUC and Lehigh Carbon Community College, and also teaches for Lehigh University. Awards include the Project Aware Service Award Northampton Community College, 2016 UMUC Faculty Achievement Award, CEA Adjunct Award 2016; Northeast Modern Language Association Vice President for CAITY Contingent, Adjunct, Independent, Two Year 2014-2016, Award Nominations at University of Maryland University College in 2012 include a nomination for the 2012 UMUC Stanley J. Drazek Teaching Excellence Award (Drazek award) and the UMUC Teaching Recognition Award (TRA), two important awards in the UMUC Faculty Award and Recognition Program.
Her book on Katharine Hepburn is the theme for a new film documentary in 2017 directed by Bertrand Tessier. Maryann DiEdwardo has written over 40 books. She is the editor of a new book called American Women Writers, Poetics and the Nature of Gender Study. The book is a collection of scholarly essays.
Maryann is an award-winning poet, teacher, Adjunct, and essayist. Her students applaud her methodology of teaching with the learning paradigm, the Socratic Method, and the Writing Process.
Her memoir, The Legacy of Katharien Hepburn Fine Art As A Way of Life, was written in 2004. The purpose was to revisit an old thesis, the potential historiography of Katharine Hepburn.

For “Chapter 7, I have updated my research to include the possibility of a new historiography based on the growing legacy of the infamous Katharine Hepburn. I suggest that the legacy has just begun to change our cultural views of women and education. I produce activities and goals for educators and families to use the legacy of this special actress for improvement of lives” (DiEdwardo, Maryann pasda, page 79).

My book was published in 2005 and recounts my studies from 1978 to 2005. In Chapter 7, I mention that Hepburn is also a painter. “Now, with the forthcoming auction of her estate at Sotheby’s New York, a selection of some 100 paintings, sculptures, drawings and sketchbooks by Hepburn went on exhibition at the auction house June 3-10, 2004 and hit the auction block June 10-11, 2004. Hepburn is said to have made her first painting on Howard Hughes’ yacht in 1938, and over the years completed more than 50 works, many of which depict scenes from her travels as well as vies of the Los Angeles house she shared with Spencer Tracy” (DiEdwardo).
Review by Kathryn Price Book Editor for Women’s Radio

“An analysis of dramatic art applies to all aspects of the production and clearly formulates a doctrine or paradigm for education of students in stage history. The Legacy of Katharine Hepburn, Fine Art As A Way of Life coordinates research by the author…refers to the past accomplishments of the late great actress Katharine Hepburn, recounts the life the author as she pursues the study of fine arts in order to follow a new paradigm for the study of stage history as an academic subject, lists research libraries and online resources, and paves a new method for education of the masses. Interestingly, the speech by Jacques acts as an outline for the legacy defined in this work as our remembrances, recollections, as well as application of past accomplishments of the great actress Katharine Hepburn, which are recounted with added personal anecdotes to create a new work that stimulates the reader to action based on following the legacy for future generations” (Kathryn Price)

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