Early Childhood Education by Maryann Pasda DiEdwardo Ed.D.

By Maryann Pasda DiEdwardo

My story concerns my quest to offer materials for early childhood education. I love to teach and inspire educators, parents, mentors. I write books with the intention of sharing lessons, themes, and ideas about teaching STEAM based structures to prepare young children for learning. My experience with children, in situations where I teach hope, may inherently be because children who know peace, are peaceful.

But I see the future of education –especially early childhood education—as the best way to share my hope for peace.

Art of Trees by Maryann and co-author

My background:

Research Interests

Pairing Music and Linguistic Intelligences, Literacy, Metacognition, Pedagogy, Social Justice, Student Directed Learning, Stage History, Writing as Therapy, Pre-K Lead Teaching Leadership, ESL

Case Study Research

In 2004, statistical results of case study research suggest that pairing music and linguistic intelligences in the college classroom improves students’ grades and abilities to compose theses statements for research papers in courses that emphasize reading and writing skills (DiEdwardo 2004). In initial study in 2003, Maryann refined Howard Gardner’s (1993) definition of music as a “separate intellectual competence” and compared music intelligence to linguistic intelligence. Furthermore, through acknowledgement of MI Theory, educators infuse cognitive abilities of students by helping them “think”.

Teaching Experience

1975-present Art Teacher, Independent Artist, private lessons

Teacher of Art to children ages 3-25 Pasda Studios, 1975-2008

1964-1979 Ballet Teacher and Drama Teacher to children ages 4-19

Pre-K Lead Teacher, Lightbridge Academy, (Fort Washington, PA) 2018

VIPKID. ESL Teacher. VIPKID online platform that teaches English as a Second Language (ESL) to children between 4-12 years of age. 2017-2018

Lehigh University 1976, 2007-2017 Fellowship 1976; English 1 Freshman Writing; English 2 Composition and Literature; CSE Research Methodologies and Tools Writing Coach; Orientation Mentoring; Volunteer Alumni Association and Lehigh University Art Gallery

University of Maryland University College (Cyber University) 2010-present Adjunct Professor

Penn State University, Lehigh Valley 2007-2008 English 2, Computer-Enhanced Composition and Literature

Lehigh Carbon Community College 2005-2007 Online and Traditional

Northampton Community College 1975-1979, 2003-2008 Traditional and Online Community English,Theatre Arts, ESL Conversation

DeSales University 1980-81 and 1989-1990,2001-2003 English

Maryann DiEdwardo Correspondence Distance Learning 1993-2003

Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency 1993-2002 Advanced Placement


2017 UMUC Stanley J. Drazek Teaching Excellence Award (Drazek award); UMUC Professional Achievement Award

2016 University of Maryland University College Professional Achievement Award

2016 College English Association Karen Lentz Award for scholarship in Profession for Single Paper and Presentation, Composition and Rhetoric, Popular Culture, Pedagogy:

Creation of Dystopian Architecture in Ready Player One: Semiotic Praxis.

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