Mindfulness by Maryann P. DiEdwardo

Link for Lecture by maryann: Mindfulness Topics by maryann DiEdwardo Ed.D.

Maryann P. DiEdwardo, Ed.D is the author of more than 35 books and articles including “Pairing Linguistic and Music Intelligences” and “Semiotics, Connectivity, and Social Order Of Imagined Architecture In Fiction Works”. Since 1976, Dr. DiEdwardo has taught English, literature, and research in Pennsylvania colleges and universities; she co-founded Pasda Studios School of Art and co-facilitated Fine Art programs for students of all ages for thirty-two years. In 2004, results of her case study research suggested that the integration of music in the college classroom improved students’ grades and abilities to compose thesis statements for research papers in courses that emphasize reading and writing skills. In her initial study, Dr. DiEdwardo refined Howard Gardner’s 1993 definition of music as a separate intellectual competence. She currently teaches at University of Maryland University College, and Lehigh University. 
Maryann’ newest book of essays is available at: https://www.morebooks.de/store/gb/book/transcending-domestic-abuse/isbn/978-3-330-07599-3

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