My 2017 publication is available on the international market. Warm regards, Maryann 

My latest book (2017) 
Transcending Domestic Abuse 
Through the Study and Practice of Writing 
Social justice issues deeply affect the minds of readers. Transcending Domestic Abuse through the Studyand Practice of Writing examines authors who write about representations of the self. I apply hermeneutic concepts to reflect on the human experience within literary works, discussing the intersectionality of a multicultural literary tradition to transform teaching methodology and student learning. 
Maryann is a lifetime member of MELUS. 
Maryann Pasda DiEdwardo,M.A.,Ed.D., is the author of more than 35 books and articles, including American Women Writers, Poetics, and the Nature of Gender Study (2016). Dr. DiEdwardo co-founded Pasda Studios School of Art, and she has been teaching English, research, literature, theater arts, and yoga at US colleges and universities for 40 years.
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