Maryann Pasda DiEdwardo, Editor, Author of a new book with Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Maryann DiEdwardo is the editor and contributor of a new book called American Women Writers, Poetics and the Nature of Gender Study. Other scholars who contribute are Jill Kinkade, James McAdams, Patti Pasda, and Joseph A. DiEdwardo. The book is a collection of scholarly essays about historical, cultural and societal foundations as well as the forms of social commentary, ethnography, and stream of consciousness. Driven by a theoretical approach to literature and based in practical applications of research based writing strategies, we emphasize the study of diversity, understanding global perspective, cultural awareness of diverse peoples through analytical strategies, close reading, analysis of figurative language and comprehension of narrative structure. We ask critical questions about text, theme, tone and style. Core courses such as American Women Writers will promote critical reformulations by which feminism challenges and critical literary discussions can be integrated into research.
Table of Contents
Chapter One Pocahontas (Archives)
Chapter Two Zora Neale Hurston (Ethnographer), and Stephanie Powell Watts (Literary Fiction Writer)
Chapter Three Lydia Millet (Abuse)
Chapter Four Dian Fossey (Domestic Abuse)
Chapter Five Lorraine Hansberry and Nella Llitea Larsen (Novelist)
Chapter Six Flannery O’Connor (Poetics)
Chapter Seven Marjorie Shostak (Second Wave Feminism)
Chapter Eight Hilda Doolittle (Writing to re-create the self.)
Chapter Nine Clara Barton (Writing and Service)
Chapter Ten Jean Louise Briggs (anthropologist)
Chapter Eleven Willa Cather, Toni Morrison, Barbara Ehrenreich

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