The Legacy of Katharine Hepburn, Fine Art As A Way of Life is my memoir.                                                  By M. DiEdwardo

The Legacy of Katharine Hepburn, Fine Art As A Way of Life is my memoir. 
                                                 By M. DiEdwardo

  Noteworthy Themes about My Memoir

    The memoir was written in 2004. My purpose was to revisit an old thesis, the potential historiography of Katharine Hepburn for educational purposes. 

     For “Chapter 7, I have updated my research to include the possibility of a new historiography based on the growing legacy of the infamous Katharine Hepburn. I suggest that the legacy has just begun to change our cultural views of women and education. I produce activities and goals for educators and families to use the legacy of this special actress for improvement of lives” (DiEdwardo, Maryann pasda, page 79).

     My book was published in 2005 and recounts my studies from 1978 to 2005. In Chapter 7, I mention that Hepburn is also a painter. “Now, with the forthcoming auction of her estate at Sotheby’s New York, a selection of some 100 paintings, sculptures, drawings and sketchbooks by Hepburn went on exhibition at the auction house June 3-10, 2004 and hit the auction block June 10-11, 2004. Hepburn is said to have made her first painting on Howard Hughes’ yacht in 1938, and over the years completed more than 50 works, many of which depict scenes from her travels as well as vies of the Los Angeles house she shared with Spencer Tracy” (DiEdwardo). 

                         In a review, Kathryn Price Book Editor for Women’s Radio, writes the following: “An analysis of dramatic art applies to all aspects of the production and clearly formulates a doctrine or paradigm for education of students in stage history. The Legacy of Katharine Hepburn, Fine Art As A Way of Life coordinates research by the author…refers to the past accomplishments of the late great actress Katharine Hepburn, recounts the life the author as she pursues the study of fine arts in order to follow a new paradigm for the study of stage history as an academic subject, lists research libraries and online resources, and paves a new method for education of the masses. Interestingly, the speech by Jacques acts as an outline for the legacy defined in this work as our remembrances, recollections, as well as application of past accomplishments of the great actress Katharine Hepburn, which are recounted with added personal anecdotes to create a new work that stimulates the reader to action based on following the legacy for future generations” (Kathryn Price). 

     My campaign contents uses social media: Twitter, Facebook. Blog, tumblr, Amazon page, publishing page, historiography, and a May 1 2016 interview for short interview to be used in a film to be produced by French film director, book talks and book reviews. 
                                                        Illustration I. 
Design of Interview

Place: NYC
Length: Shorter than an hour
Script: Ask a questions about book

Content: Book passages show the methodology of the stage history scholar in memoir format
Cover of Book: Katharine Hepburn as Rosalind in the production o f As You Like It detected by Michael Benthall for the Theatre Guild at the Cort Theatre in New York City in 1950. 

The sections of the book are sections of the interview:
Title page
Publishing date
Quotes by Hepburn and Shakespeare
Thesis Page
Prologue: My book analyzes “my own conclusions from an original thesis to update my work and to show how Miss Hepburn was a unique actress who took responsibility for her parts and her own career. For example, in Chapter Two, I show that her performance in As You Like It in 1950 was an historical success for her own career but not a success in the comparison to other actresses of the time who player the part” (page xxi DiEdwardo, Maryann Pasda). 
Chapter One, Two, Three are the thesis which I wrote in 1978-79-80 for the Master of Arts Degree in English at Lehigh University. I was awarded the degree in 1980.
Chapters Four, Five, Six, and Seven contain research written in NYC from 2003 to 2005 to produce the book entitled The Legacy of Katharine Hepburn, Fine Art As A Way of Life. 
Essay entitled Theatre Arts Integration in the Language Alternative Setting Improves Authentic Student Voice.

Maryann DiEdwardo Vitae

Works Cited

Maryann Pasda DiEdwardo is the author of the work The Legacy of Katharine Hepburn, Fine Art As A Way of Life.

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