Teaching Aesthetics  

Film Maryann DiEdwardo 

The Visitor, 2007, which was nominated for multiple awards, and one academy award. The film may captivate us with characters embodying the human condition of suffering by illegal immigrants and plot about fundamental issues concerning illegal immigration in the United States, because the aesthetic of film, as a multimodal media model, may reveal truths about human condition.

Find two reviews

If we enjoy film, we may find the performances sincere. 

Films capture stories about us. 
Conditions of rebuttal

Perhaps we do not like film. 



     Enthymeme focuses on what we call “ audience based reasons” as opposed to “writer based reasons”; themes that are persuasive to you might not be persuasive to your audience (Ramage et al. P. 70). Hence, we seek to understand how to find the right audience for a writing.

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