Maryann DiEdwardo presenting for Northeast Modern Language Association 2016 Convention 

By Maryann
I encourage all to attend!!

I will present 2 papers and a panel for the 2016 Northeast Modern Language Association Convention in Hartford, Conn. 
At a Roundtable: 

My students create E- journals in blogs and wikis in open access digital classroom as primary sources for essays. Writing based on keen observation and self discovery as a part of learning to write. Information processing generates active students. My original framework for teaching writing nature journals is based upon my own experiences. My thesis is to engage in remembering place. The platform of nature writing can result in a series of thoughts that may become finished blogs, wikis, web pages, or technology based nature journals. Writing has a new meaning in the virtual setting. Travel journaling about natural spaces engages place memory. Through a study of Thoreau’s Walden, I suggest that travel journaling retains and preserves place memory 
 2. Panel Chair for American Women Writers: Second-Wave Feminism, Poetics, and Domestic Abuse 
3.  Paper by Maryann DiEdwardo “Zora Neale Hurston and Stephanie Powell Watts: Reflecting Place through Language

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