Beach Walking 

    As a blogger since 2000, I have kept a series of writings about my love of nature. If you go to my site at you will helpful articles on writing about your activities style called life story writing. The light breaks across the afternoon to reveal a place of wonder. America on this day, is waiting for you. Go to a park, a beach, or an area that you select any day of the week, and you will learn about your life story. If you like to write like me. I take a journal everywhere I go in Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, in Pennsylvania. A remarkable area, I enjoy the beautiful Lehigh River, Little Lehigh tributary, and of course, the surrounding area: New Jersey!       I was born in Allentown, but I live in Bethlehem, Our home offers the first type of nature walk. Little Lehigh in Allentown, PA is my daily nature walk area: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is in the middle of the eastern part of the state. Writing about travel ignites a special feeling for me. I treasure time away but actually relive the experiences through writing. I drive to New Jersey or to the lakes of Pennsylvania to enjoy nature and to walk. I am honored and grateful to share what I am doing. 

     From 2002-2009, I wrote books and painted oils and watercolors about the rivers in the state of Pennsylvania. During the early months of 2009, contemplation on the land where I live promoted me to write a diary called “Writing between Rivers”, Lehigh, Delaware and Susquehanna, a paradigm for travel journaling. I teach journaling and historical fiction writing in my lectures. I visited special places that inspired me to retain hope as I experienced life changes such as job shifts, illness, and the death of my parents. The land between rivers emerged as a template and voice to tell a story that carries hope (“Writing Between Rivers.” The Passing Light. EAPSU Conference, English Association of the Pennsylvania State Universities A River Runs Through Us: Exploring the Poetics of Place. October 1-3, 2010). 

    All my life, my favorite way to enjoy the gifts of the sun, water, air, family and friends include beaches of Cape May, Sandy Hook National Seashore, Point Pleasant Beach, and Wildwood Crest, New Jersey. My article shows you how to create your own writing about your short day trips to local parks or to the seashore perhaps. I know that writing helps me to raise myself above the small troubles of daily life and to enhance my life through the natural world. Have you ever driven one hour to walk on a beach? My favorite pastime, beach walking, is possible, because I live so close to the Jersey shore points. From Pennsylvania Route 78, I drive to Sandy Hook New Jersey, a National Seashore. A short day trip which took just a few hours to drive there, back, and beach walk, in 2012 proved to be healing for my sister and I.

    In 2015, I visited the beach on a summer morning with a family friend. We were able to spend 6 hours on the beach with great wind, swimming, a life guard protected swimming area, and of course, a super tide. I often journal with short you tube videos to tell my story and to recall my beach day. Here is a short video I took at Sandy Hook NJ in 2015 We replenish and grow emotionally as well as physically through long walks. Create a travel journal based on a personal experience and study of Thoreau’s travel journaling for Walden. As you explore the work and the writer, you are exploring travel journals as a new paradigm for life story writing. I am a beach walker at the Jersey Shore for day trips, weekend celebrations, and family vacations that can last an entire summer or a few hours. 

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