writing and phototography journaling 

By Maryann DiEdwardo http://www.writers.net

Published in the areas of art, writing as healing, stage history, Katharine Hepburn, Education, Juvenile Fiction and Health Writing, I view daily events as inventive mechanisms to represent life. Writing stories and recording through journals, blogs, wikis, case studies, personal essays, speeches, proposals, lectures, novels, Ebooks , manuscripts, and sketches heals through gratitude. We are now not past and not future. This is the message of the writer. Imaginative literature utilizes reflection of reality. Writers and poets act as visionaries who compress emotions into words.
As a professional speaker, author, artist, scholar writing coach and Professor, I work well in editing environments with accuracy and diligence and most of all, commitment to polished curriculum designs and pedagogy. I have set up Model classrooms for many years.

Jim Thorpe journaling 

Photo 1 2015 

The light breaks across the afternoon to reveal a place of wonder. America on Memorial Day is as fresh as if she was new. ( Maryann Diedwardo)


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